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Auto contentx120Industry: Automotive

Client: Metal Manufacturing

Topic: Capital Rising 


Client Situation: Our client was light metal manufacture to the automotive industry.

The Company was unable to realize fully on roll-up synergies and was stuck by rising material costs, overcapacity and failing plant performance. Management was able to restructure its operations process.


Our company was engaged to arrange senior secured credit facilities and subordinated debt. 

Result: First, we prepared the action plan to effectively removed excess capacity, implemented plant performance improvement initiatives and achieved material price protection.

We recommended that an equity sponsor should place the facilities to fund the acquisition of the company as well as provide working capital subsequent to the closing of the transaction.

Our company efforts resulted in an attractive, cost-effective capital structure for both the company and its equity sponsor.

Pertinent to the success of the ultimate restructuring was our company execution of a competitive exit financing process, which led to the closing of approximately $40 million in senior and junior lien debt facilities.

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