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Welcome to Intres

Since its beginning in 2000, INTRES Advisory as a boutique business development and management firm dedicated to the financial and business development objectives of a broad range of clients.

We assist companies in developing and implementing specific strategies in a confidential, objective and individualized manner. The opportunities we identify, the business structures we make, and the deals we negotiate to assist our clients grow the businesses.

Our professionals work with clients through the entire life cycle of a project from funding and financing, development and planning, procurement and tendering to staging, as well as operations and maintenance. Your CEO Gottfried Feyen

Development & Management

Our cooperation and integration with our client partners, and our capability to manage programs from concept to completion and into full operation, make us a welcome provider.

Our understanding of all of the functions and responsibilities required during all phases of any project program’s life cycle enables us to implement and deliver successful projects. The goal is to share all that we have with our client partners.

Intres Advisory's extensive experience in efficiency, business development and program management means that we can manage projects in several market sectors, including energy,mining and construction.

Code of Practice

Intres Advisory is built on a strong foundation that is based on our Code of Practice. Our Code was created when the company was established in 2000.

We have lived by these priorities from the very beginning. This empowers us to give outstanding quality service to our clients, because we serve our clients as Intres team, confident in one another's skills, trust and commitment.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients consider a company’s ability to “meet needs” and “communicate effectively” to be the most important factors in shaping their satisfaction. 

The majority of our clients agree that Intres Advisory “understands my business” (94%) and “delivers on their profession commitments” (93%). 99% of our clients say their engagement team is proactive to their needs.


Quick Facts

  Business Development Firm

  Established, 19th Jan 2000

  Total Staff, more than 54

  Combining 58 years experience

  80 partners in over 25 countries

  Size of network 3000+

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