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We are a different kind of boutique consulting firm.

We look for opinion-formers, people who prize a culture based on respect, collaboration and new ideas and who have a passion for delivering solutions to the most complex and challenging issues affecting business.

INTRES Advisory is a place where people can learn, force a long-term career and deal with significant business issues.

We provide a flexible package which can include flexible working and generous maternity and paternity arrangements depending on the country.


INTRES Advisory offers a future, not just a job.

Yes, we offer a future in consulting, not just a job; a share in our firm; and an environment in which individuals and ideas matter. People join us for a number of reasons.

Whether you join as a Consultant or a member of our team, we always agree that it’s the people in our company that make it a great place to work .

We are keen to hear anyone interested in joining our in-house team, associate, project leader and our network of freelance consultants.


Women at work

INTRES Advisory believe that helping talented women develop and advance promises significant economic benefit to companies.


We support the needs of educational systems around the world and cover all major educational topics and works with every type of educational organization.

Global Health

Cooperation across countries is essential to addressing the health problems that transcend borders. We work with health organizations across several key areas.

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