In a word, Intres Advisory proves that a strong marketing and customer strategy...


In a word, INTRES Advisory proves that a strong marketing and customer strategy is the driving force of your business direction and priorities.


FrozenFoodx120Industry: Food

Client: Frozen food processing

Topic: Marketing & Sales


Client Situation: Our client was a leading frozen food company doing business in an increasingly dynamic industry landscape of quickly developing technologies. Additional, hard competition was wearing down market share of its formerly profitable product lines and our client had lost its edge.


Our company was asked to do a thorough review of their marketing spending and to develop a new, bottom-up marketing strategy.

Result: We used a "high road/low road" approach to analyse each product and determine a strategic course of action that depends on which scale it occupies.

Finally, we recommended repositioning the company as the producer of high-end, higher-margin ice cream products.

To anchor this strategy, additional advertising resources would be needed. 

By implementing the new strategy, our client reversed its market share decline and gained significant net present value.

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